Special Considerations


Subject to the Buyer completing the construction of their residence within 2 years of settlement the Seller agrees to install fencing.*

The following information needs to be supplied to the Developer:

  • A certificate from the Buyer's builder that the residence has been practically completed;
  • The date on which settlement of the Land actually occurred
  • The Buyer's request must be sent to the Seller via mail
  • A certificate from a licensed surveyor identifying the boundaries of the Land, following completion of the residence and at the Buyer's expense.

*Conditions apply - see Annexure A of the contract for details

Landscaping Incentive*

Buyers of certain Lots qualify to receive a landscaping rebate provided that the Buyer completes the construction of a residence, on a Lot, in strict accordance with the Restrictive Covenants, within a specified timeframe.

The rebate provides for good quality landscaping and reticulation works to the front garden of the property inclusive of laying of turf to a proportion of the area between the road kerb and the residence, to a certain monetary value.

*Conditions apply - see contract for details